I have been spending a great deal of time looking for product samples online for my blog readers. I also generally request them for myself as well.

Recently, I started wondering, is it really worth my time? The answer I found for myself is, most times it is not worth it. There are some exceptions. Below is a list that I will be following when requesting samples online.

  1. Are you ever going to buy the product? 
  2. Is the product a brand name?
  3. Does the sample include money saving coupons that you could use for couponing?
  4. Do they sell the sample you're receiving in your area?
  5. Are you neglecting your duties in the home or at work to order the samples?
  6. What could you be doing with your time if you stopped sampling?
  7. Do you plan to write a review of the product?
  8. Is the sample something my readers would request for themselves or it just a sample available?
  9. Do you want to wait the 4-6 weeks that most samples take to arrive?
  10. Do you plan to start a new email address so that you can send all of the newsletters you subscribe to for the sample so your main email does not become overwhelming with Spam? 
 For me, a lot of the list above is simply not worth my time spent on ordering the samples.

I would love to read your opinions on this subject. Please comment and let me know your thoughts and any suggestions you may have.



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  1. I have been really liking the samples. I havew nothing better to do during the day.


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