I recently had a chance to review UNREAL Candy unjunked for BzzAgent. Finally....A candy worth blogging about! Before I begin though I wanted to tell you how UNREAL Candy came to be: 

 It took a question from a 13 year old!

A few years ago, Michael and his 13 year old son Nicky got into an argument over Halloween candy. Nicky came home with his bag of loot, went to bed, and woke up the next morning to find that his dad had confiscated most of it.  
It played out the way these fights normally do, 
 with the candy gone and Nicky going to his room.

Later, Nicky did some research online (to prove to his dad that candy isn’t so bad). He discovered that his dad was right (for once).

It’s not that Nicky thought candy was healthy.  It’s that he didn’t know how bad it really was. What Nicky learned was that the worst parts of candy (like hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives) aren’t there to make it taste good.  They’re there to make it cheaper to produce. 
Nicky had a hunch that without the junk, candy could taste better. 
With the help of his older brother Kris, and his dad, they set out to prove it. 
The rest of the story can be found on their website Here. Believe me there's plenty more to discover like Proving candy can be unjunked, how the question became a mission and UNREAL was born!

Before being offered this campaign from BzzAgent I had never heard of UNREAL Candy. Boy was I missing out! With coupons in hand I went to CVS and purchased two different UNREAL Candy products.

The first UNREAL Candy product I tried was UN41, Candy Coated Chocolates. I expected them to have an "M&M" taste. I was wrong. They were so much better. The chocolate is smooth and creamy! More of a "Dove" chocolate candy, but again, better!  They are absolutely delicious! Just one look at the comparison below should put to rest any fears of them having more sugar to make that creamier chocolate taste. UNREAL is a company you can trust! There's nothing to hide here. They even add a real peach comparison below because they recommend fruit to hit your sweet spot and provide the nutrients your body needs.

The second UNREAL Candy product I tried was the UN77 Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.
At first bite, I was a little skeptical. The first bite didn't have that "POW" of sugar in your mouth like other brands so I was thrown back a little bit. After the second bite, I was hooked! I love peanut butter. I literally eat it by the spoonful sometimes. Note: I am not advocating eating peanut butter by the spoonful. I am simply telling you it is one of my comfort foods. :) The UNREAL Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are all the chocolate and peanut butter I need to satisfy my craving for sweets. 

I feel good about eating UNREAL Candy. It is totally unjunked. No guilt here. Just pure satisfaction. In today's world, the reality of it is, not all companies are as honest as they should be about their products. As a consumer, I reward honesty with brand loyalty. I will definitely be sticking with UNREAL. In my opinion they promote integrity in business, consumer concern for health, and who wouldn't want to support a 13 year old boy's dream. Beyond that, they are DELICIOUS!

Mom Said That's It! I'm sticking with UNREAL Candy and you should too! So go out and get yours, come back, and tell me what you thought. I'm proud to recommend UNREAL Candy and I'm proud to be a BzzAgent. If you would like more information on how to become a BzzAgent, simply click HERE and you will be transported to the MotherShip. Just kidding :) You will be directed to their home page where you can find out how to receive brand name products to sample and give your honest opinions on.

Hugz & Savings,

*I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. I received coupons to try the product for free and discount coupons to share with others. I give my honest opinions and Blog with integrity. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.



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