A recent article I read at Home Made Simple inspired me to make this poll. I found the article to provide some excellent options for being "Green" and having fun at the same time.

For my family, I know it can be difficult to remain focused on being "Green" in the upcoming months. You have Fall which tends to be chilly, winter which is cold, and honestly, I think less about re-using products.

So what idea from this list do you think is a realistic way for you and your family to reuse Egg Cartons?

Let me know, and then I'll show you mine.

In your opinion, what is the best way to reuse an Egg Carton:

Seed Starters0%
Paint Palette0%
Ornament Storage0%
Screws/Nuts/Bolts Organization0%
Game Piece Storage0%
Gift Box0%
Egg Display0%
Mending Kit0%
Bottle Organization0%
Tiered Bird Feeder0%
Other: (Please specify)0%

**After voting has ended, I will choose 1 person from all who voted to receive an envelope of coupons worth $100.00. Tip, you can vote multiple times and if you comment on this post you will receive 10 extra entries. If you "share" this post on Facebook, you will receive 10 extra entries :)



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