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So come on in on the 18th and enjoy some free chips and cheese on us—it's our little tax day present to you
*This year Tax Day is April 18. I swear. (Can you imagine how much trouble I'd get in with our lawyer if it weren't?) http://californiatortilla.com/in-the-news/


This evening we went to the grocery store and my daughter, Felyshia, asked for something as usual. This time however, I was too intrigued to say no. She brought me this. Of course I had to buy it! My thought.....I've wasted $1.99 on worse things and this looks pretty cool. 

We brought it home and Felyshia cut it open. She yells from the kitchen..."EWW! IT'S GREEN"! Then she brings me this.....

Mom was the brave one to try it. Then I looked it up online to make sure it was safe. Then I made everyone else try it.

So here it goes.....

It tastes like a mix between a Kiwi fruit and an unripe banana.

It's a horned kiwi melon.

So go buy one and let me know what you think.

Who says fruits and vegetables are boring :)

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Calling all disposable diaper using moms....
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 So this is my first blog. As if you couldn't tell :o)

I just figured out that I need to categorize my blogs by pages. UGH!

So you will see some duplicates over the next week as I learn to turn my posts into pages hehehe! Have you noticed I LOVE the exclamation point :-)!!!


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