Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Featured Fan of the Week is: Katie Pederson!

Getting to know each other is a great way to learn things you may never have known about someone. You see the person's name on the blog, or maybe they comment on the Facebook page, but you may never take the time to find out who is the person behind the 'likes' and comments? That is our goal with this series.

Let's get to know Katie.

    1. Katie, what state do you live in?   
    2. What is your best childhood memory?  
    Summers spent at my cousin's house in northern Wisconsin.
    3. Growing up, who is the one person that influenced your life the most and why?  
    My dad, I learned a lot from him on how to do things the right way.
    4. What was the first thing you learned to cook?  
    Fried potatoes, courtesy of my dad.
    5. Do you sing in the shower?  Yes.
    6. Do you have any pets?   
    Two dogs, Pixie and Bowser, and three cats, Dexter, Zeus and Grendel.
    7. What room in the house do you most like to spend time in?   
    The living room.
    8. If you could be any superhero, who would it be and why? 
    That's a tough one - I don't know.
    9. Do you have any children? 
    10. Do you have any brothers or sisters?   
    Two sisters, one brother - I'm the oldest (wisest).
    11. What traditions does your family have?   
    No real traditions - my husband and I are trying to start an Ugly Christmas Sweater tradition.
    12. What vegetable do you hate?   
    Brusell Sprouts (the last time I had them they were terrible) - but I really love food of all kinds.
    13. If you could be any age, what would it be?   
    14. Would you rather have the ability to fly or be invisible?  
    15. Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?  
    I like to tell people I'm a former child model....which I was, for one day, for a local business.  ;)
    Okay, so here's our re-cap of Katie.... 

    She lives in Wisconsin, has great childhood memories of her cousin's house in northern Wisconsin. Katie's learned a lot from her dad on how to do things the right way including how to make fried potatoes. She sings in the shower and has two dogs, Pixie and Bowser, and three cats, Dexter, Zeus and Grendel. Katie spends most of her time home in the Living Room, and does not know what super-hero she would want to be. Katie has no children, but is the oldest (and wisest) of two sisters and one brother. She has no real family traditions, however; her husband and her are trying to start an ugly Christmas sweater tradition. Katie hates Brusell Sprouts because the last time she had them they were horrible! She does enjoy all kinds of food. If Katie could be any age she would want to be three years old. She would rather be invisible than fly. Lastly, Katie would like us to know that she was a child model for a local business.

    Next time you see Katie online, let her know that you read the Getting to Know You profile and learned a lot about her. Katie is now entered into a drawing to win $100.00 gift card from Amazon.com. Will you be next? Just email and let me know you would like to be our next Featured Fan! momsaidthatsit@yahoo.com

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