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Breathe Right® ADVANCED and Breathe Right® EXTRA nasal strips aren't just for snorers - opening up your nasal passages can work wonders for nighttime congestion to colds and allergies.

If you've ever suffered from snoring, or nasal congestion caused by allergies, or a cold, you understand what a huge difference fast relief can make. Breathe Right® ADVANCED and Breathe Right® EXTRA nasal strips gently lift open congested nasal passages so you can breathe through your nose.

For best results to relieve snoring, use for 6 consecutive nights.

For use while sleeping, exercising, or during the day.

Breathe Right® ADVANCED

Advanced Technology 4 point technology opens your nose more completely:

Specially designed to work with the anatomy of your nose.

Works on 4 key touch points to open your nose more completely

The ONLY strip with 3M™ adhesive to hold strip comfortably in place

Breathe Right® EXTRA

It's Simple:

  • Special adhesive holds strip comfortably in place
  • Flexible, 'spring-like' bands gently lift nasal passages open
  • Extra 'spring-like' band makes it 50% stronger
  • Improves airflow by 31%



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