I have to tell you a secret. Are you listening? Here it is..Shhhh..... Mom's LOVE to feel pretty.

We do. I mean don't get me wrong, it is really great when people say what a great mom you are in your sweats and t-shirt running after your babies that have gotten into your makeup while on the telephone trying to solve your best girlfriends problems with the door bell ringing, wash on the line, and dinner cooking on the stove. And a lot of us Mom's may say to others, "I don't have time to do anything with myself anymore", or "It doesn't matter what I look like". But really, we long to feel pretty. For someone to tell us what a super Mom we are, and at the same time we feel gorgeous.

I miss those moments. Remember those days ladies when we would spend hours dolling up for a date, and walking into a room and just knowing, you are beautiful! Problem is, when you become a mom, your priorities change. You no longer put yourself first. It becomes about your little one. What they need, what makes them just the cutest little one in the whole world!

Us Mom's really love our babies no matter how big or small they are, but we're still just little girls wanting to play dress up on the inside too! Enter problem #2. 

Okay, so you plan a fabulous night out with your hubby. You squeeze back into that hot little number that you know makes him drool. Your hair's done..check. Makeup done...check. Ok, all you need to finish that look are some gorgeous earrings to drawn attention to those lobes you want him to nibble, a necklace to draw attention to the neck you want him to kiss, and a bracelet that draws his attention to hand you want him to hold. All of the sudden, you remember your precious 4 year old wanted to play dress up and you knew you didn't need them anymore, so you gave her your "I'm never going to use these again" jewelry. After all, feeling adorned is no requirement at the grocery store or laundromat! So the beads have been broken, the earrings lost, and the bracelets now adorn your daughter's favorite doll. You are now one miserable Momma. In disgust you trade your heals for slippers, stockings for sweats, and up-do for a ponytail. You cancel the reservations and tell your hubby you don't feel like going out, and order a pizza. I mean come on, you really shouldn't be spending the money going out anyway right? WRONG!

Newsflash Momma, you do matter, you do need to feel pretty, and you ARE worth it! You're a Mom, you're not dead! Okay, so money's tight. That doesn't mean you still can't buy yourself something to rock that outfit at an affordable price!

Enter Olina StarEveryone expresses style and personality through clothes and accessories while finding the best deal for their hard-earned money. Olina Star understand everyone’s desire to stay stylish and practical. They specifically created Olina Star to provide us, moms, an affordable way to give in to your personal style by offering jewelry products that are:

-Made of real gemstones and metals like silver, steel, titanium and tungsten.
-High quality. They have both classic and trendy designs to cater to individual style.
-Priced below retail.
-Super affordable and very easy on the wallet. Most jewelry range $15-$89.
-A wide array of selection. Over 3000 products to love easily.

Moms were their inspiration in creating Olina Star. I personally believe that we Moms must take some time off to feel gorgeous even while saving money. I know all too well about not having a choice in saving money. I am a Mom of 3 children ages 17, 16, and 14, and have a husband who is disabled. I am the sole breadwinner in my family. Saving money is not something fun we do, it's necessity. Call me crazy, but I still want to feel pretty!

I recently had the opportunity to review a product from Olina Star. I chose the Womens Stainless Steel Belcher Small Link Bracelet with Heart Charm --OSB984
While I don't go out a lot, I work a lot and I wanted something that would be durable (I work at a Bus Co.) and something that I could wear with any outfit to make me feel pretty. Hey just because I work around mechanics all day doesn't mean I want to look like one!
The bracelet arrived and was beautiful! The picture above certainly does not do it justice. This stunning bracelet adds verve to a casual everyday look with its delicate heart charm. You can wear this as a single strand or layer it with your favorite bracelets from your existing collection. The easy-to-wear Lobster Claw clasp completes the look with a secure and comfortable fit. The bracelet measures 7 1/2 inches in length (with 1 1/2 inch extender) and is approximately 3 millimeters in width. Heart charm measures 10 millimeters in width.

The bracelet I chose had a regular retail price of $59.96! Olina Star's price: are you ready for this? ....$17.99!!! That's a savings of $41.97! Now I can personally tell you, I have ordered in the past month from these other jewelry companies being advertised in daily deals. The most recent "daily deal" item I purchased, a garnet ring in sterling silver was so thin that it literally bent when I put it on my finger. You will NOT get that from Olina Star! Their products are crafted beautifully, made to last and enjoy for a lifetime!

So Moms, are you ready to start feeling pretty again WHILE saving money? Mom Said That's It!......check out Olina Star today and see what you've been missing. You can also check them out on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Olina-Star. Please tell them Mom Said sent you:)


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