I recently had the chance to review the Karuna Brightening Treatment Masks after winning 2 on Twitter.
I was really excited! I mean come on girls, who doesn't love facials? My 17 year old daughter and I set out to give each other facials. We opened the pack and discovered the mask was folded in quarters. It was sopping wet. Dripping.

The directions:

Step 1...Start with a freshly washed face, check.

Step 2....Adjust over mouth, nose, & eyes, check. The process of applying this mask was ridiculous! You can not tell from the picture below, but it took us about 5 minutes to apply each mask because it was so wet it dripped in our eyes, mouth, down our chest, etc. The applying process was not at all pleasant.

Step 3.....Remove backing and relax for 10-20 minutes.

Okay, this did not start out so good, but I tried to relax and enjoy this facial. IMPOSSIBLE! The mask kept sliding off because it was so wet and sudsy. My daughter and I could not take it anymore after 10 minutes.

We removed the mask and discovered another problem:

Both my daughter and me broke out from the mask. Very disappointing!

This product sadly receives: 1 out of 5 Mom Said stars :(

I hope that this review will help karuna improve their product. It is not my intention to discredit any company, but only to give my own opinion from personal experience.

For more information on karuna you can visit them at www.karunaskin.com.


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