I was so excited when I received my Toddy Cloth in the mail! Finally I could have a reason to justify being completely neurotic with my cell phone screen. Coming from this O.C.D. afflicted mom, that's huge! My screens must be clean! Only...there are several problems with keeping my HTC EVO 4G cell phone screen smudge, dirt, grease, and just GROSS... free:
  1. Make-up smudges: Believe it or not, my boss doesn't want to hear I look like crap when I come because I didn't want to put make-up on & smudge my cell phone screen.
  2. The husband: Large sausage size greasy fingers always wanting to use my touchscreen.
  3. Three children: Ages 17, 15, and 13 who say they can't stand that my phone isn't a candy-bar phone for texting but just can't seem to stop playing Angry Birds on it.
  4. As gross as it may be: I have oily skin. It's a problem when I have the touchscreen against my face.
  5. I work in a bus company that always has fumes and dust,etc. everywhere.
  6. I am constantly eating on the go and people have the habit of calling at the worst times.
I open the package and the Toddy Cloth is packaged neatly in a clear zipper bag. How awesome is this! Now I won't lose it or accidentally spill something on it because I can carry it in my purse everywhere I go!

I went over to my computer in the living room and set it down to open it. I realize I left my cell phone plugged in upstairs so I run upstairs to get it. Unbeknownst to me, my husband decides he wants to participate in this review and just as I come back downstairs he is using my brand new, perfectly packaged, Toddy cloth to clean his dirty, greasy eye-glasses! OMG! NO! (OK insert here a crazy mom with dragon fire coming out of her mouth, turning bright red and spewing steam out of her ears while a loud train whistles in the background). There stands my husband saying, "I'm, I'm sorry I didn't know". You didn't know??? What part of MOM SAID NO ONE TOUCH MY REVIEW PRODUCTS UNTIL I SAY IT IS OK DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!! He says, "Well I can review the product, it's really awesome! Look how clean my glasses are, I can actually see out of them. Calm down I'm sure it's washable."

I rush to Toddy.com and find the information below on their website:

The Toddy is:
100% microfiber: will never scratch, harm or
damage your gear. Each microfiber is finer
than 1 strand of human hair.

Naturally "hydrophilic," it absorbs the dust,
oils and moisture left by your fingers from
your gear, rather than spreading them around

Environmentally friendly - machine washable, cold, tumble dry low

Economical: one cloth fits all devices

Never needs sprays, liquids or disposable
towelettes that could leave a residue and
damage your device

Manufacturer’s recommended method for
cleaning your gear

Looks good, feels great and makes you
look even better!

All of the sudden, the savage beast turns to the wonderful woman her
family has come to know, love and adore.
(Insert the angelic sounds of heavenly harps and batting eyelashes here... ;-)

But here was the ultimate test, since my husband had just cleaned his filthy, greasy glasses with my brand new Toddy, would it still clean my touchscreen phone without leaving smudges or smears?
The answer:

A resounding YES!!!
The Toddy is fantastic! It cleans so well my cell phone screen shines like glass! I've used it for my computer screen, my cell phone screen, my bosses eye-glasses, my co-workers glasses, etc!

Everywhere I go I am asking people if I can use my Toddy on their electronics and glasses! (An embarrassment to my kids and a mothers dream come true ....ha ha)
I LOVE MY TODDY! And one of the best features is you do not need any water, nor do you need any cleaners, etc. Just me and my Toddy..On-The-Go!

Of course now my husband wants his own, my daughter wants her own, and my boss wants his own. Good thing the Toddy Cloth comes in so many styles and colors :)

I have only come across one problem with the Toddy cloth.....
My family won't leave their hands off of it and it's mine! LOL!

Good thing every Toddy is treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield® to protect it from germs, mold and mildew making it the perfect antibacterial touch screen cleaner. It's also a Double-Sided screen cleaner: plush to clean and buff - silk to polish

Final Review Notes:


But do yourself a favor, buy more then one and save yourself some aggravation when everyone wants yours all the time. Have a spare on hand to give to a family or friend because they will want one once you've shown it to them!


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  1. Love your sense of humor :D
    I actually used to have one, but it turns out humans aren't the only once who like Toddy, my cats decided it would look good in their litter box :( well, at least it wasn't my handmade scarf... oh wait, they got the scarf too the other day...

    Fantasy Art


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