So, this weekend we went prom dress shopping, AGAIN! My baby girl is 17 and she was invited to a Senior Prom. Dress shopping in our family is like a curse. But after several days, we found the "perfect" dress, at Bridaltown!

When she tried it on and came out, she looked like an absolute princess! It fit her like a glove! Her eyes lit up and that was it. If she wouldn't have already had mommy wrapped around her finger and heart, this dress would have done it! I knew there was no way I was not going to get away with going to David's Bridal and hitting the clearance rack now. BIG GULP!

Mom Said That's It! That's the dress we have to have! It cost the same price as my first car! But how could I not get it.

To be continued.........Anyone else have any PROM DRESS experiences they want to share:)

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  1. I had to buy my own prom dress, so mine was about oh... $20-30... My jewelry was more expensive lol. but the dress looked great and I have it to this day.



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