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Your Falling Alexa Hop
Week #1

Want more exposure? 
Lower your Alexa Score!

How an Alexa Hop Works:
1. In order to participate, you MUST have the Alexa Toolbar (having one also greatly helps lower your score.) You can download it in just seconds HERE. (It is a small, virus free, easy toolbar)

2. Visit as many of the blogs on the "linky" as you can.

3. When you visit a blog, you MUST allow the page to fully load then click a second page

4. Leave a comment on the second page you click so that your visit will be counted and returned by that page.

5. Feel free to tweet or share this however you’d like, (Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc). The more people that know about the hop means more potential followers and a LOWER ALEXA SCORE for you!

Mom Said That's It!~ Assisting Blogs with the Basics
Hugz and Savings, Heather 

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