I love Blogger's statistic measures. It allows me to see which countries have the most Mom Said That's It fans! How cool is that :) Here are the results so far for the month of August:

#1 United States

#2 Australia

#3 United Kingdom

#4 Germany

#5 Russia

#6 Ukraine
#7 Canada

#8 China

#9 Netherlands

#10 India

So for all of our fans around the world: Hello, G'day, How do you do?, Hallo hallo, Guten Tag!, Привет!, "Привет Мир!", HI, eh!, 世界你好~, Hoi, Namaste

How did I do fans with saying hello in your native language? And here is a big, thank you!

Thank you,  Thoinks, Moite! , Danke sehr, Spasiba, Dyakuyu , merci, Xie_Xie, Kiaora Koto , Dhan-ya-vaad 

With Love,
Heather, Mom Said That's It!


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