Today, I woke up for the second day in a row, get this...happy!

I know, after reading my blog posts last week you're probably like...yeah right!

Seriously! I'm sitting here working, whistling, dancing in my chair to the music on the radio, and all of the sudden I recalled Ouiser pronounced "Weezer", from the movie Steel Magnolia's saying, "i'm pleasant, dammit, i'm pleasant. i saw drummond at the piggly wiggly and i smiled at the son of a bitch before i could help myself.

I laughed out loud and said to my co-workers, "I truly can't believe this, I'm actually pleasant! I'm in a good mood two days in a row. I don't know if my husband's going to be able to handle this! I don't know if I can handle this!! So this is what it feels like to be in a good mood? Wow!"

Of course they all laughed thinking that I was just being my darlingly funny self, but I was totally serious! "I'm pleasant dammit, I'm pleasant!!" LOL.

 Hugz and savings ~Heather


  1. Hilarious! I love Ouiser! I quote her often, in fact. I believe I have called my husband a pig from hell many times!

  2. When I'm happy, everybody thinks that I'm up to something. following back from hop

  3. Haha, I find myself very crabby lately as well, but its been a great day today! Found you at Mehreen's.
    Happy to be your newest follower ~ Adrianne


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