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Review & Giveaway!

When I was selected by Mom Select and Paper Coterie to review the Paper Coterie website and products I was very excited.

There are so many beautiful items for sale on their website that it was hard to just pick one to review! Anyone who knows me will tell you I am sappy and emotional, and LOVE to cherish memories. I take photos of everyone and everything. If you look at one of my first posts on my blog, you will see that my children now RUN from Mom with the camera. 

Being that my Mom's birthday is November 25th, I thought, what better way to commemorate my Mom's birthday then with a Memory Box for my mom to fill with treasures and photos that she would like to pass down to her grandchildren. The Memory Box is a durable linen box made of recycled fiber board The only problem I could think of was if the product came and the quality was less then what I expected, I would be left looking for another gift. With that in mind, I took a chance.

I AM SO GLAD I TOOK THE CHANCE!! When the package arrived and I opened the box, it was wrapped very securely. You may think, okay, packaging, really, did you need to include that? No, but I wanted to :) Seriously! It was packaged  very neatly and very securely so that the product would not be damaged. This is a huge deal when ordering items online that take days to get to your home. What's worse then a fabulous item that arrives damaged?

The Memory Box was able to be personalized with my own photos and words, so it is a keepsake in its own right. I unwrapped it and started to cry. It is so beautiful! The pictures below DO NOT do this gift justice. The colors on the Memory Box are vivid and bright! The box is made seemlessly. No frays, or paper edges curled. The photos are exactly as I submitted them. No lines, just perfect! It is larger then I expected at 9.75 x 13 inches. It is the perfect size!
Now before you ask, yes I know that "Tribute" is spelled without the "R". This was intentionally left out by me as an inside joke to my Mom. When I was a little girl, I needed my four front baby teeth pulled and wore a partial, however there came a point when the other teeth started to come in and they had to remove the partial. This left me with no front upper teeth and not being able to say the "R" sound for a long time :)

I opened the Memory Box and to my wonderful surprise was a thank you from Paper Coterie! The beautiful pendant below with a thank you card. What a wonderful experience dealing with Paper Coterie has been. They not only make a quality product that you are proud to share with others, but they make you feel so special by thanking you for ordering from them and closing an added gift.

Below is a picture of the back of the Memory Box. You can see how I made it special for my Mom by adding a personalized message, her birthday, her children's names, and her grandchildren's names.

While my review is ending for now, it is only the beginning of many wonderful memories to come thanks to Paper Coterie. I recommend Paper Coterie to everyone! I will follow-up on this review with pictures on my Mom's 66th birthday in November when she is presented with the box by myself and my two sisters. But this is not only a beginning for me!!Thanks to Mom Select and Paper Coterie, 10 of my fabulous readers will be given the chance to create their own precious memories at Paper Coterie. The 10 winning readers will win a code for $40.00 off anything at Paper Coterie, and FREE SHIPPING! The above Memory Box was $38.00, so you can make your own Memory Box if you like or choose something else to cherish! Follow the Rafflecopter below to enter!

Thank you Paper Coterie!

Hugz and savings,



  1. I would order the butterfly growth chart -- it's adorable!!

  2. I think I would do a couple of the calenders even if it costs me a bit. I think they are so pretty!

  3. i would get the recipe books

  4. What great ideas! I love the idea of capturing everyday moments.

  5. I would like the Flower Garden Memory Keeper.....ciao4now64@yahoo.com

  6. I LOVE the memory box. I would order that... and I might if I don't win!!

  7. I'd love to have the Pattern Play Wall Clip Calendar. I love the designs.

  8. One of the memory boxes-lovely!

  9. love the keepsake boxes :)

  10. My Son just started Football this year. I would love to have the Diagonal Stripe memory box.



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