We all have this fairy tale growing up of being thin, and meeting prince charming. Of him getting down on one knee and asking us to marry him. He will ride us away on a white horse and we will live "Happily Ever After"..........................

(Insert screeching record here for those of us that are old enough to remember records! lol)

Then comes REALITY! We hit a certain age when we realize, we're never going to be "thin" enough, or "pretty" enough, or "smart" enough. We start feeling bad about ourselves and looking in the mirror thinking, "why can't I just look like ____________". We start comparing ourselves to everyone, and everything around us. In reality, this may be our Happily Ever After......

You may be 45 and still looking in the mirror saying that very same thing. I'm 35 and guess what? I'm still comparing myself to every other woman I see. It's really time consuming and so bad for us. Isn't it about time we wake up from the little princess fairy tale in our minds? I have spent sooo much time in life trying to be "normal" and have the normal life that I have missed the life in front of me now!!!

I don't want to waste any more time. God made me this way. Guess what world, I'm fat! Guess what world, I'll never be a super model. But isn't it time for that to be okay? I'm me. That's who God made me to be. Why do I try to put unrealistic expectations on myself only to fail because they are unrealistic and feel worse about myself. So...here's my plan.

Just for today, I'm going to love me for me. Just the way I am right now.
Just for today, I'm not going to compare myself to others.
Just for today, I'm going to break that negativity tape that plays over and over in my mind.
Just for today, I'm going to be ME!


Loving me AND YOU!!
Mom Said That's It!


  1. I used to have Prince Charming fantasies...and then I had lots of failed relationships...needless to say I would probably kick Prince Charming in the teeth if he got on his knees. I found that I loved myself a whole lot more once I realized that society's version of 'pretty' was supposed to catch me a man and I am no longer fishing, so to speak. Now, I sit in stained velour sweats, hair in a bun, make up free and love myself more than I ever did when I was a starving stick figure teetering on stilettos. Some people assume I 'let myself go' and that I have poor self-esteem, but I have very good self-esteem. I am grateful to be able to wake up and love my children and enjoy each day in my earthly shell. An earthly shell that appreciates elastic waist bands and tennis shoes.

  2. I absolutely love this post! Please keep them coming=)

  3. I really love this post!!! I have lived my whole life wishing for prince charming and distroying relationships because of it or my look at her she soo much prettier/thinner... Then I met my "prince charming" He is not perfect but he is to me. We may not have the fairy tale that us ladys are spoon feed our life is very much like Roseanne show, but thats our happily ever after. I am fat too an i am learning to love myself for who iam an not what others think i should be


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