So as you know, today is Day 4 without Paxil.

If my husband asks me one more time what is wrong with me, they better just commit my ass! What is wrong with me? I've been on a high dose of Paxil for 8+ years and they stopped it cold turkey!

One minute I have insomnia, the next minute I'm so tired I am falling asleep at my desk. My body hurts, I'm dizzy, I have the dry heaves, one minute I'm crying, the next minute I want to cry but I can't cry, physically I can't cry. The next minute I'm euphoric and talking like Tommy Chong, the next minute I'm laughing and hearing a little man in my head talking, the next minute I'm screaming like a lunatic, the next minute I want to punch my husband in the face, the next minute the very sound of anyone's voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

I walk into work this morning and everyone says,"What's wrong Heather? Smile, Smile". Hey buddy, let me tell you where you can stick that smile okay! And while your at it, let me tell you what else you have done to piss me off in the past 10 years working with you!!!

I have finally told my co-workers, "hey, I'm going through Paxil withdraw can you just back off and don't talk to me at all?!!" FINALLY my one co-worker said, "Oh man, that explains it! My wife went through Paxil withdraw!!"

DUH! I mean with all of the internet options out there can't anyone just go and look it up and see how serious it is and that this is not at all fun for me?

Then on top of it all, they put me on my new med, "Lemictal" and I'm itching from it. AHHHHHH!!!

Thanks for letting me vent everyone.


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  1. wow...I did not think you could go off those type of meds cold turkey....good luck...love your blog


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