So this morning was like any other EXCEPT...I had an idea!

Many of you may not know but my husband is disabled. He has insulin dependent diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, cysts on his kidneys and liver, gallstones, IBS, and if all that weren't enough, he has bipolar and borderline personality disorder. P.s. He's only 43!

My life, well, IT'S CRAZY!

Most people know the (manic/depressive) part of bi-polar, but they have no clue what all it entails. Our society has put such a stigma on Mental Illness that people want to hide and not talk about it. I have decided to be the exception to the social rule :) I know, you're shocked right! LOL

So I had a great idea!

When my husband gets "stuck" while in his manic cycle, I'll make him a blog of his own and he can stay up three days blogging about it instead of waking me up 7 times in the middle of the night, every night, to tell me! Instead of calling me 90 times a day at work, he can blog!

I have such hope for this idea. It has the potential to completely change our marriage and lives!

Please keep us in prayer as I try to birth this dream for him.



  1. I am in the almost exact situation!! Problem is...My husband says he can't sit at the computer for more than a couple of minutes!! I hope it works out for you :) Just wanted you to know you are not alone!

  2. new follower from tag tuesday, that does sound like a great idea i hope it works well



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