Help! My 17 year old is dating her first serious beau!

I am having an extremely hard time letting her go and feel helpless.

She's a good girl in a bad world.

What's a mom to do!!!!! Any suggestions?


  1. Eeek. My husband would (will) have a heart attack. My DD is only 8 months, so I hope to have a few years before being too worried.

    I think you just have to hold back the worrying and let her be independent while letting her know you are always there to talk. Clear rules, expectations, and consequences always help.

    LOTS of luck!

  2. tysm<3 The younger days were so much fun! I dressed her however I wanted, bows and frills, cute baby contests, at about 12 she stopped letting me dress her lol. I know there will be fun times ahead and there still are now. It's just different. She's discovering the woman she wants to be and that's a beautiful thing. Just lonely for the old mom :(


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