I recently was given the opportunity to review Filippo Berio® Extra Virgin Olive Oil courtesy of BzzAgent. I was very excited about this BzzCampaign because Filippo Berio is the only EVOO I use! I have been using it as a butter substitute for years!

When choosing an olive oil it is important to me that you can taste that wonderful richness of the olive. Filippo Berio's EVOO has that.  We eat it on salads, bread and use for cooking. Anything I put in a pan is cooked in Filippo Berio. From sweating onions and mushrooms, to eggs, to steaks, and everything in-between. 

There are so many benefits to using olive oil.

1. Healthy Benefits of Olive Oil

Beyond the flavorful taste, there are many health benefits of olive oil. It’s naturally free of cholesterol, trans fat, salt, sugar, and gluten. In addition, olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fat (that’s the good kind).
According to medical experts, these essential properties give olive oil health benefits. It helps protect against heart disease, aids in digestion, and has been known to promote healthy aging. Promote healthy eating habits for you and your family by making olive oil a delicious, nutritious addition to your diet.

2. Substitute Olive Oil for Butter!

 When a recipe calls for other cooking oils or fats, make a shift towards eating a healthy diet and use Filippo Berio® Olive Oil instead. It's easy — where you would usually use cooking oils such as vegetable or canola oil, or fats such as butter or margarine, simply substitute Filippo Berio® Olive Oil. It's better for you, contributes to lowering cholesterol, and adds an delicious splash of flavor to any recipe. As a rule of thumb, substitute an equal amount of your olive oil for other cooking oils, and three quarters the amount for butter or margarine. Filippo Berio® Olive Oil as a butter substitute is cholesterol-free and contains no trans fats, no sugar, no salt, and no gluten.

Whether you're skilled in the kitchen or not, you can find great recipes and more at www.filippoberio.com. You'll be glad you did!

I am a BzzAgent and I received this product free for my honest review of this product. My reviews are from my personal experience with the product. I received no other compensation for my review.

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